Wimbush Science & Technology

Sintered Ceramic Pellets

We are pleased to be able to offer this new range of high purity, single phase, high density sintered ceramic pellets, ideal for use as deposition targets for thin film deposition of modern functional oxide materials. The advantages of the higher density of our pellets in comparison to those more widely available or home made translate to an extended target life, improved reproducibility and consistently enhanced film quality, free of unwanted inclusions.


MaterialPrecursor purityDensity (typical)Max. diameter
BaRuO399.9%95%25 mm
SrRuO399.9%95%25 mm
BaTiO399.99%97%30 mm
SrTiO399.99%97%30 mm
Nb:SrTiO399.99%97%30 mm
EuTiO399.9%95%25 mm
(La,Sr)MnO399.9%95%25 mm
Ho2Ti2O799.9%95%25 mm
Dy2Ti2O799.9%95%25 mm

Prices are strongly dependent on the market price of the precursor materials, so please contact us for a competitive up-to-date price quotation. In addition to our standard range of materials listed above, we would be happy to work with you to apply our advanced processing techniques to any other materials that you may require. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements.